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In this module, we offer you the opportunity to engage with an inspirational and systematic approach, that will guide you, to use your available time optimally.

We will teach you a simple approach that will, help you to:

  • Improve your level of focus
  • Teach you the art of prioritisation
  • Guide you to learn how to discover those 20% of daily sales related activities, which deliver 80% of your sales success
  • We will teach you to leverage the most Value from every hour of every day.

You will be guided to first identify the right daily sales activities, to support you to:

  • Smash your sales target
  • Create an unforgettable customer experience
  • Consistently add meaningful “Value” to all your customers and prospects, on an ongoing basis
  • Integrate into your customers businesses, so that you can become an invaluable additional resource to them and their business.

Then, using a tried and tested time effectiveness system, we will support you to get as many of those activities completed in a day as possible.

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