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By observation, we all know that people are not the same

We all approach life differently in terms of:

  • How we interact with other people
  • Process information
  • Organise our lives
  • How we manage our energy

As we progress through this module on Emotional Intelligence, we will do the following:

  • We will first get to know, ourselves and what makes us tick
  • We will explain our differences, due to our personality preferences and biases.
  • We will explore each personality types natural preferences, strengths talents and inclinations
  • We will learn how to engage and communicate with each other in the most effective way
  • We will learn how to better manage conflict, in the workplace, by:
    • Understanding our colleagues personality type
    • Finding the most appropriate way to respond to each other

Course Content

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Understand your own Personality Type
Understanding the different Personality types
Get to know how to work with the other personality types
Working with other People
Manage conflict in the Workplace