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The traditional “Cold” call, is a spray and pray process, where sales people believe that every customer out there is a prospect. They randomly select new prospects and believe that as sales is a numbers game, the more people they can randomly contact, the greater the likelihood that one of them will buy from them.

Yes of course in a few rare cases, prospects are in their buying cycle and the lucky sales person, actually does hit pay-dirt, where they acquire a new customer.

I believe that “Cold” calling is nothing more than a sales person’s poor attempt at appeasing their sales leadership. They spend their sales day calling on a number of new prospects, which allows them to populate their call sheet with a whole lot of new prospects. On paper this looks really great and in the short term, their sales leadership, believe that they have a full sales pipeline and that they will be successful.

The truth is that as time passes, these poor sales people, despite the fact that they are working their tails off, never seem to become successful. The reason for this, is that they waste an inordinate amount of their sales day chasing after or trying to communicate with prospects, who don’t have time to waste on “Cold” outreach.

The reason for this is as follows:

  • People have the attention span of a gold fish and don’t respond well to “Cold” calls.
  • People do not have time to waste with sales people making “Cold” calls
  • Gatekeepers are well trained and they simply will not allow unprepared sales people, who use “Cold” calling sales techniques to reach the decision maker.
  • Cold” calls are so ineffective that sales people can only reach people really far down the food chain. They make the sales person feel warm and fuzzy, because they met with someone, but deep down these sales people know they are wasting their time.
  • As sales people, who use “Cold” calling as a sales tool, know only too well, they only deliver practice proposals. These are proposals that they spend hours preparing for the wrong people, who are unable to make a buying decision.