The pandemic has changed the way we do business forever. One of the new challenges we now face, is that both our current and future customers, want less face-to-face contact with us. This has highlighted the need for a more “INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION” strategy to manage, service and support our industry, markets and customers.

In line with this we want to highlight a number of ways that you can engage your current and future customers, using a variety of different types of communication methodologies.

In this module, we will share a number of really powerful sales communication, engagement and connection tools and techniques. These sales communication tools will help you, to remain relevant and engaged with your customers, despite the fact that engaging in face-to-face contact, has become more difficult.

The trend we are now seeing in our markets, has been coming for a long time, the Corona virus and the lockdowns, have only served to accelerate things. Before the lockdowns, our clients were already extremely busy and did not have time to waste on unnecessary sales meetings.

Even before the lockdowns; arranging face-to-face sales meetings was already becoming quite difficult.

The reason for this is as follows:

  • People have become so over loaded, that time has become, a very scarce resource
  • People have become far more informed, due to easy access to the internet, so meeting with sales people, as sources of information, has become irrelevant.
  • People have the attention span of a gold fish and don’t respond well to unnecessary “SOCIAL TYPE – POINTLESS CALLS” from sales people.
  • Customers see all face-to-face meetings, as consuming one, full hour of their already busy day.
  • People do not have time to waste, with sales people making calls, just so that they can ensure they meet their quota of face-to-face calls that day.
  • Obviously, due to concerns about the pandemic, people, are less likely to want to hold a face-to-face meeting with any sales people.

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