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As you are in the business of building mutually beneficial “PARTNERSHIPS” with your customers and prospects, and you believe in your product and service so much, why not be willing to reduce, mitigate or completely eliminate any risk your customers or prospects may be experiencing.

The secret to open the door and to start to build the partnerships you want, is to accept that, your customers and prospects will only do business with both you and your organisation, once they feel the “RISK” associated with doing so, is acceptable

Instead of expecting your prospects and customers to work with you, with blind faith, where they take all the risk, once you eliminate it completely, or mitigate or reduce it to acceptable levels, closing becomes far easier.

Mitigate or Reduce “RISK

Offer to take some of the “RISK” away or reduce the initial “RISK” associated with working with your organisation, so that your customers or prospects feel comfortable to do business with both you and your organisation.

Example: You offer to share in the cost of the initial trail or test or you supply the product at your cost.

Eliminate “RISK” completely

In other words, you believe in your product or service so completely that you offer to supply it “FREE OF CHARGE”, if it does not meet your customer or prospects for expectations 100%.

Example: You offer a 100 % money back guarantee, should the product or service not perform according to expectations.

You take all the risk and offer a greater return, if it does not perform according to expectations

In this case you are so confident that you product or service will perform as expected, that you are willing to offer a greater return than the initial investment, if things don’t work out according to expectations.

Example: You offer to give you customer or prospect double their money back, if the product or service does not perform as expected.

The secret to create sustainable Sales Success and to ensure that people get to know you and like and trust what you have to offer, is as follows:

  1. Believe 100 % in what your product or service can do for your customer.
  2. Translate the confidence you feel into a sales success tool. In other words, be willing to accept some or all of the risk associated with choosing you and your organisation as a supplier.

By following this simple strategy, you will very quickly grow your business and achieve the sales success you desire.