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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions in yourself and others and then to know how to effectively communicate with your prospects and customers, where they are. In other words, it is the crucial sales skill required to recognize the different thinking styles, exhibited by your customers and prospects, so that you can adapt your approach, to suite these different ways of thinking.

Sales professionals, who invest time to improve their Emotional intelligent, remain focused during sales interactions. This means that they are able to utilize their critical thinking skills, where they get to engage with their customers in meaningful dialogue during sales meetings.

Imagine that the personality type distribution, was equal, I.E. each of the four different personality types made up 25 % of the population. It is also well known that we are able to sell to people, with a personality type similar to our own. This means that we are only effective with selling to 25 % of the world’s population.

When we learn to become the chameleon in the room, where we can engage our customers, according to their personality type, thinking style and decision making process, we increase our ability to sell by 300 %.