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Now that you have completed your first Intensive SWOT Analysis, it is time to complete your “MONTHLY SWOT ANALYSIS“. As you have seen, with how quickly the the Corona Virus, became a full blown lockdown and the changed needs and expectations of your customers. Our world is changing at an ever increasing pace.

Unless you ensure that you consistently EXPLORE, EXAMINE and UNDERSTAND, exactly what is “CHANGING” and there is a lot, you will struggle to:

  • Create an unforgettable customer experience
  • Become an additional resource to your customers, so that you can integrate into their businesses
  • Identify and exploit cross and up selling opportunities
  • Acquire referrals from very satisfied customers
  • Identify your perfect prospects
  • Keep deals alive and moving smoothly through your sales pipeline
  • Consistently appreciate customers and future customers
  • Close enough sales to consistently SMASH your sales target

Please either watch the video or listen to the audio, before proceeding

Sales professionals, who are winning in sales today, are not your typical by-the-book salesperson, doing the same old things, the same old way, day in and day out. 

Winning sales professionals 

Step outside their comfort zones, become creative, innovative and embrace new ideas

Embrace Change 

“To start to win at sales, it is time, to embrace and welcome change”

Winning sales professionals, invest the time to discover the following:

  • They understand how to prosperously navigate the always-changing sales landscape
  • They introduce new ways to nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with all their existing and prospective customers 
  • They consistently look for ways to stand out from the herd.

Populate a SWOT Analysis Monthly 

To ensure that you take the blinkers off and you start to develop a clear picture of everything, both positive and negative, going on in your sales environment, it is crucial that you commit to conduct a SWOT analysis, at minimum once a month.

This will help you to do the following:

  • Examine where you are
  • Know what opportunities may have appeared, or disappeared
  • Uncover everything that may have changed or is changing in your sales environment and markets 
  • Identify any new skills, tools or sales techniques that may be required, to keep winning at sales
  • Support you to identify any sales resources or other support you may need to succeed.