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Become a Perpetual Student

It is time for us to accept that if we want to be winners, we must become perpetual students of:

  • Our customers
  • Our industry
  • Our markets
  • Our profession

In this ever-changing landscape, it is crucial that we start to look both inwards and outwards, to examine the ever-shifting business environment.

Look outside your Comfort Zone

Consistently find new ways to wow our customers, by: 

  • Accepting that you must Look outside your comfort zone, or should I say outside your “familiar zone
  • Accepting that both you and your organisation, have WEAKNESSES
    • You must then uncover, innovative ways to mitigate or eliminate them.
  • Identifying all possible THREATS in your markets and at your customers.
  • This will support you to develop strategies, to help you to work around, mitigate or completely eliminate any weaknesses, both you and your organisation may have.
  • Exploring your market and customers, so that you identify all the possible OPPORTUNITIES available to you.
    • Once these opportunities are identified, you then need to develop plans to take advantage of all of them.
  • Knowing what the STRENGTHS both you and your organisation possess
    • Once you understand all the strengths, that both you and your organisation possess, you will be equipped to operate optimally.

Populate a SWOT Analysis Monthly 

To ensure that you take the blinkers off and you start to develop a clear picture of everything, both positive and negative, going on in your business environment, it is crucial that you commit to conduct a SWOT analysis, at minimum once a month.

This will help you to do the following:

  • Examine where you are
  • Know what opportunities may have appeared, or disappeared
  • Uncover everything that may have changed or is changing in your business environment and markets 
  • Identify any new skills, tools or techniques that may be required, to keep winning in the markets you serve
  • Support you to identify any additional resources or other support you may need to succeed.