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Unlock your Value Proposition

Well done! keep up the great work! This is where we really put the rubber to the road and where we start to wrestle with the concept of your Organisational “Value Proposition” and how to leverage this to your advantage, when you engage with either existing or future customers.

Invest a little additional effort now, into understanding your Organisational “Value Proposition” and you will reap huge rewards from this Sales Enablement Solution, as you learn to connect your “Value Proposition” to your customers needs, values and expectations.

Taking “VALUE” to the next level

I want you to take things to another level, where you really understand what your Organisational “Value Proposition” is, so that you can use this as a starting point to become an integral part of your customer’s businesses, a vital cog in their wheel of success.

Where possible look for “Innovative” ways to integrate into your customers businesses.


  1. We run a “Sales Enablement” business where we offer to support our customers to build their sales strategy, sales plan, predictable sales process and we enable their sales teams, to effectively implement them.
  2. We then create a meaningful long term partnership with all our customers, as we support them with the effective implementation of all three.
  3. This way they are able to generate more profitable sales, improve efficiencies, optimise their bottom line and reduce the costs associated with acquiring customers, building meaningful partnerships and generating profitable sales.
  4. We then consistently look for ways to become an integral cog in their business, where over time they begin to depend on our organisation for all sales related support.
  5. Using the above example: Can you think of a few innovative ways you can integrate into your customers businesses, so that they can begin to depend on you too?

As you commit to “WOW” your customers and you strive to keep creating an unforgettable customer experience, you not only close the doors on your competitors, but you get to increase the size of your sales team too.

  1. As your customers become raving fans, they will gladly refer you to other potential future customers.
  2. They will also even edify you with future customers, which will make closing sales a mere formality.
  3. They will also be willing to record video testimonials for you. These recorded testimonials are a powerful tool for transferring trust from your very satisfied customers to your prospects.