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In this course we teach you to move your focus from products and services and instead focus on people, their specific needs and how to neutralize any perceived risk they may be experiencing instead.

Sell the Appointment First

This course is designed to teach you how to get past gatekeepers, where you can actually get in front of the the right decision makers, so that you can positively influence them to see the value you bring.

Your Combination Lock for Sales Success

As you develop your own tailor made Lynchpin Questions, you will be equipped with a toolbox of powerful, engaging questions, which will help you to identify your prospects needs, so that you can communicate your value to them in terms of the specific expectations. As you learn the art of effectively using Lynchpin questions, you will easily close far more sales.

Adding Extra Value

In this course, we ask you to take a look at how you can add extra meaningful value to your customers.
When you find innovative ways to really go the extra mile, you will then become an indispensible asset to your prospects and customers.

Personal Branding

As you work your way through this course, you will be guided to design, discover, interpret, communicate and market your own personal billboard or “Personal Brand”.

What Do You Really Sell?

Have you thought much about your product or service?
Do you know what you really sell?
I am sure that the answer to this question may at first seem obvious.
Remember, when exploring what you actually sell, be careful not to focus only on the features of your product.
Explore and discover what need your product or service will satisfy.
That is what your product or service actually does.

Personal Branding

This course asks you to invest time before each sales call to properly prepare, as every minute spent preparing prior to any sales call, will save you hours later on.
It will also put you in a very powerful place, where you better understand your customers needs and equip you to build connection with and long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the right people