Developing and deploying your User Sales Decks

Your “USER SALES DECK” are designed to drive adoption of your product or service, from the actual users of your “Value Proposition”.

Avoid the urge to go straight to delivering a demonstration to these potential users of your product or service. When you do this, you miss the opportunity to build rapport with the users and it does not show them, how well you understand the day to day challenges they face.

Your objective when designing the narrative for the “USERS SALES DECK“, is to develop a story driven demonstration.

This process helps you to develop a bottom-up adoption process.

  • You get started by first confirming the challenge they may be facing.
  • Then you create a question around this challenge as a starting point.
  • Your solution or demonstration, then highlights how your solution is the answer they are looking for.

When you deliver your demonstration, ensure that you orchestrate your demo as a series of solutions, which address all the challenges you have highlighted.

Choose to highlight the actual benefits the users, can expect to enjoy, when they adopt your solution.