Developing your Multi-channel communication Strategy

Before deploying your Multi-channel Communication Strategy, you need to ensure that you have the following in place, first.

  • You need a set of products and/or services, that are a perfect fit, to deliver the exact “TRANSFORMATION” (Solution), your customers need and expect, when purchasing that type of product or service.
  • You must have crystal clear understanding around who your “TRIBE” is.
    • Your Tribe is a detailed outline around, who your perfect customer is and how you can best communicate with each one.
  • You are clear on why your organisation exists.
    • When you can effectively engage and communicate meaningful VALUE to both your current and future customers – positively influencing them to want to buy what you sell, becomes simple.
  • You understand how to uncover the needs, values and expectations of every customers.
    • You need to know how to “PROBE” effectively, so that you can uncover each customers unique needs, values and expectations.
  • You understand what your customers “BUY
    • Your customers buy peace of mind
    • They buy optimised profitability
    • Reduced costs
    • Improved efficiencies
    • Optimal solutions
  • You know how to speak to your customers in terms of “TRANSFORMATION
    • Your customers do not buy your product or service.
    • They buy what it can do for them
    • In other words your customers buy, transformation, to take them from an undesirable place, to a more desirable one.
    • Example:
      • Before buying one of your gearboxes, your customer may be experiencing extreme vibration or regular breakdowns. (undesirable state)
      • After buying one of your gearboxes, they experience no vibration and the gearbox, no longer breaks down on a regular basis. (Desirable state)
  • You have identified the different media, which you intend to use to communicate with your customers.
  • You need to know what communication channels will be effective for you to remain in contact with your existing customers so that you can:
    • Create an unforgettable customer experience
    • Ensure that you remain engaged and connected with your existing customers at all times
    • To support you to provide the requisite levels of customer service
    • Support you to remain in contact with your customers as often as possible, without being a nuisance or an interruption.
  • You need to categorise your customers, as either an “A”, “B” or “C” customer according to their size or potential
  • You know how to select your “MAGNIFICENT 50” customers
    • This will help you to start canvasing new business, using your new multi-channel communication strategy.
    • It will  also support you to focus your energy on a selct few prospects, so that you can really give them the attention they need.

If you have any doubt about any of the above crucial requirements, necessary, before you run any Multichannel communication strategy. Then you must complete all the steps necessary to ensure that all the above is in place, first.

Once you are certain that all the above is in place. It is now time to start refining your Multi-channel communication strategy