Developing your second Tier Sales Decks

When building your middle management or “SECOND TIER” Sales deck, you need to focus on the “ROI”, your customers, can expect.

Remember that the CEO/Managing Director (Top Tier) sales deck focused on the “Big Change” going on in their environment, which may be affecting the organisations performance.

On the other hand, the narrative, in the middle management or second tier isales deck, is built around the “COST” of any challenge, “TODAY”.

By focusing on how much any challenge is costing your customers and then showing them how your solution, will reduce or eliminate any unnecessary costs. Doing this, sets your organisation up as a true “CREATOR OF VALUE”.

In other words, by selling to the person, who holds the budget, where you show them how your proposed solution, will offer them an optimised solution. They are left with a simple choice to make when choosing to work with you and your organisation, as it will save them money in the long run.