Observe the graphic above. As you observe the yellow quadrant, you will notice that the words are random and unordered

Well that is exactly how DOMINANT type personalities operate.

  • They are disorganised
  • They are distracted easily
  • They are Competitive
  • They are purpose driven
  • They are very determined¬†
  • They are risk takers
  • They are very strong willed
  • They make decisions very quickly
  • They like a detailed summary¬†
  • They hate long explanations
  • They are demanding
  • They require constant stimulation
  • They hate being alone

As you can imagine, the other three personality types, may find people, who have a DOMINANT Personality bias

  • Bombastic
  • Difficult
  • Domineering
  • Demanding

This can and does in many cases lead to conflict

Our personality type is not something we get to choose. It is just who we are. Next time you are dealing with a person, who has a DOMINANT type personality bias.

Try to be aware of their personality traits and try to respond to them in the most appropriate fashion. Try to accept that being domineering, bombastic and demanding is how they are wired.

If you have a DOMINANT personality BIAS, be aware of how you come across to the other personality types

They view you as:

  • Bombastic
  • Domineering
  • Demanding
  • Difficult

When interacting with the other three personality types, be cognisant of the above and try to be a little less bombastic, domineering and demanding.

When both the person with a DOMINANT personality bias and the people, who they interact with them, understand how they are wired and both parties do the following:

  • The other three personality types, try to accept the way the DOMINANT personality type is wired and respond to them accordingly
  • The people with a DOMINANT personality bias, try as far as possible, to be less bombastic, demanding and domineering.

When all parties understand each other and they try to work with each other, according to each ones personality traits. Conflict becomes far easier to understand, mitigate or eliminate