Selecting your Magnificent 50 Copy


When you focus your energy on a few carefully selected future customers (Magnificent 50) that you make a priority, you are no longer spraying an ineffective message into the market and praying that it will stick somewhere.

Instead you have a very targeted approach, where you can focus your energy and sales efforts, with laser focus on only a select few future customers

In my industry, I find that “50” is a perfect number of prospects, for each of our sales professionals, to focus on at one time.

Hence the term “Magnificent 50“.

Your industry may be different, where each deal size is so small, or competition is so intense that you may need, to focus on more customers or you may be in an industry, where the size of a single sale, is huge or there are only a few potential customers in your industry. In this case you will select less customers to be part of your “MAGNIFICENT” future customers