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Please watch the video, and read the text below, before proceeding

The analogy, described in the video and below, is a typical example of how, many sales peoples days unfold. If this is a description of how you spend your day, where you spin your wheels, achieving very little.

Dont be surprised, when you struggle to achieve your sales target every year.

John is a sales person, who lives an average life, waking up at 7 am every day. He immediately switches on the radio as he wakes up, filling his brain with all sorts of random pointless distracting input. He drives off to work with the radio blaring away in the background. This allows him to stay tuned out of his day and distracts him from thinking about all those sales tasks he needs to perform that day.

The first thing he does, when he arrives at the office, is make a cup of coffee in the tea room, where he spends 20 minutes chatting to colleges, before reluctantly walking to his desk and switching on his computer. By the time his computer has booted up, almost 30 minutes of his day has passed. Do you know someone like this?

He then tackles all his emails, which he spends the next 60 minutes reading, laughing hysterically at all the funny junk emails he has received, from his friends.

The rest of his sales day is spent in overwhelm and distraction, where he spends most of his time dealing with random issues, which pop up, most of them unimportant to him.

Does this sound like a sales person you know or worse, the one you are?

People constantly interrupt him throughout the day, so he is unable to focus on any priority sales tasks for very long at all. He continues to spin his wheels all day, gets to the end of another sales day, exhausted, having achieved very little at all.

Does this sound like your sales day?

He goes home collapses in the sofa, in front of the TV and watches another 5 hours of pointless mind numbing entertainment, so that he does not have to think about his pointless sales day. He feels like he has worked really hard, but once again achieved very little.

Don’t feel bad, if this has described your sales day. Follow all the steps described in this module and things, will start to change for the better

Imagine if you could wake up every day, knowing exactly what sales related activities you need to perform, to ensure that you achieve all your sales related goals, where you:

  • Consistently smash your sales target
  • Effortlessly integrate into your customers businesses
  • Optimise the velocity of deals through your sales pipeline
  • Consistently “WOW“, your customers
  • Innovate, so that you can keep adding meaningful “VALUE” to all your customers and prospects

Well that is exactly what you will be empowered to do, after completing this module. It is filled with refreshing, effective ideas to help you wrestle back control of your life and to support you to carry out all those crucial sales related activities you need to perform daily.