Optimise how you use the telephone

One of the most crucial parts of any Multi-channel communication strategy is the “TELEPHONE

Unfortunately most sales people, shy away from using the telephone, because of their fear of rejection.

Remember that you are not picking up the phone COLD. You are using a variety of different methods (multi-channel communication strategy), as described previously, to create awareness and engage your future customers, before you use the phone, to try to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your future customers.

I believe that the telephone, is crucial, as it is generally, the final step in your Multichannel Communication Strategy. It is the place where you connect with your future customer, so that you can arrange a Face-to-face meeting with them.

Remember that, you are never trying to sell your product or service over the phone.

All you are trying to sell is “AN APPOINTMENT

I believe that the place to start with “GOLD PHONE CALLING”, is with the best times to use the phone, as a tool to make appointments with future customers.