Describe, below in detail, how you intend to leverage your SWOT analysis to promote sales. Copy

To get the most from your SWOT analysis, please describe in detail below, how you intend to do the following:

  • Optimise all the personal and organisational STRENGTHS you identified, so that you can accelerate your sales success.
  • Understand WEAKNESSES and their limitations, so that you can mitigate, eliminate or delegate them.
  • Your sales success, depends largely on how well you are able to exploit all the OPPORTUNITIES, available to both you and your organisation.
    • As opportunities, are such an important component ,of your ongoing sales success, the OPPORTUNITIES SECTION, deserves, a little extra attention.
  • As threats can severely limit your ongoing sales success. Please ensure that you have thoroughly understood and developed strategies to neutralise, mitigate or eliminate any threats you may be facing.

This is a crucial part of completing your SWOT analysis. It is pointless knowing what your Strengths are, have an understanding about your weaknesses, being aware of any opportunities and becoming aware of any threats you may be facing, unless you are actually going to use this info, to support your sales efforts.