Describe in detail, how your solution will help?

Remember that the narrative you build, exists independently, of the medium you use to deliver your point. (Email campaign, Social media, eZines, print advertising etc).

The idea behind creating an effective sales deck for the person, who holds the budget and signs the cheque, is to develop a sales deck, which considers the following:

  1. Numbers to show a meaningful ROI
  2. Details around the challenges faced by the organisation
  3. Identifying the correct person or role within the organisation, who is experiencing the challenge
  4. Creating meaningful numbers to show what the challenge is costing the organisation
  5. Identifying what is missing from the current solution
  6. Identifying, what has changed in the market
  7. Knowing how your solution will help
  8. The ability to prove that your solution is better
  9. Quantifying, how much your solution will cost.