Describe your Tribe

Explore your own industry, markets and customers. Using your top 10 customers as a starting point, please describe your tribe below ( perfect Customer)

Your top 10 customers are those customers that you absolutely love doing business with because of the following:

  • They are geographically well located, so that you can provide the requisite service levels.
  • They have a need for what you sell
  • The positive transformation you offer, is aligned with their unique needs, values and expectations
  • They appreciate the “Value” both you and your product offers and are prepared to pay a premium for that.
  • They meet all the requirements in terms of size, turnover, staff numbers etc
  • You can relate to the people and you enjoy working with them 
  • They pay their bills on time
  • They dont complain about small challenges and are willing to work through any challenges that do arise. 
  • They are prepared to form long term mutually beneficial partnerships with both you and your organisation