How are you going to prove that you can do, everything that you say you can do

As you may have noticed by now, successful sales decks, should follow a storyline. In other words, you should construct your narrative to follow the structure of a story, with a very happy ending.

The happy ending to your story, is around how by utilising your product or service, your customers, will be in an optimised state.

Prove you can do it

All customers suffer from “Loss Aversion”, as described previously. They are uncertain, whether you and your product and service will actually deliver as promised. Prospects are always highly sceptical of your ability to keep the commitments you make around how your product or service will help them to:

  1. Improve their profitability
  2. Improve efficiencies
  3. Provide a better solution
  4. Save them money

This is why the last part of your sales deck (prove you can do it) must provide the best evidence that you can actually deliver as promised.