List all your activities for gain below? (Time Management for Coaches)


  1. What are my top five priorities this week?
    1. If I achieve those five priorities (one a day), I will achieve the success (goals), which will help me to live the life of my dreams.
    2. These are most definitely “ACTIVITIES FOR GAIN
  2. What are my secondary priorities
    1. These are coaching related priorities, which must be completed daily to ensure that you perform optimally as a coach.
    2. These are definitely “ACTIVITIES FOR GAIN
  3. What activities are critical for me to perform daily.
    1. These are daily coaching activities, which must be performed, to ensure that you meet your commitments towards your students as a coach.
    2. What daily tasks are critical for ensuring your ongoing coaching success?
    3. These are also “ACTIVITIES FOR GAIN
  4. What are those 20 % of my activities, which when performed daily will help me to achieve 80 % of my results?
    1. As the Pareto principal states – 20 % of your daily activities will deliver 80 % of your coaching success.
    2. Think about all the activities you need to perform daily
    3. Which of your daily activities are the most important to complete daily?
    4. What are those 20 % of your daily activities, which will deliver the majority of your coaching success?

List all your activities for gain below?