Mistakes to avoid, when designing your sales decks

Mistakes to avoid, when creating your Sales Decks

  1. Listing product features, instead of telling “A memorable and actionable STORY” about how your organisation, its products and services will support your customers to optimise the following:
    1. Improve their profitability
    2. Optimise efficiencies
    3. Eliminate a challenge
    4. Provide a better solution
    5. Reduce costs
  2. Overloading customers and prospects, with too much information
    • Customers want to feel connected and engaged, but they do not want to be interrupted or overwhelmed with too much pointless info.
  3. Not having a clear understanding of the right tailored and personalised message, to deliver to our existing customers
    • This message needs to be designed to:
      • Support us to , remain connected to our customers at all times. It must deliver a clear mechanism, for two way communication and engagement
      • Communicate your value proposition and how it will support them, with an optimised solution.
      • Demonstrate, to our existing customers, all the advantages, associated with, accepting other products and services from us. (Cross and Up-selling)
  4. The system must be designed to deliver the right communication at the right time to al future customers, no matter where they are in our sales funnel.
    1. This means that we must create an effective system for delivering the right Documents and supportive materials, that will encourage the velocity of deals through our sales pipeline
    2. Our multi-channel communication strategy, must ensure that the “RIGHT” personalised and tailored sales resources and sales information, is delivered at the right stage and at the right time in the buying process.