Unlock your Magnificent 50 Copy

Explore the 5 MAGNIFICENT future customers you have selected previously and by using the additional qualifying criteria. Ensure that these future customers are indeed a perfect fit for you to focus your prospecting efforts on:

The best way I have found to identify and filter your perfect future customer is to examine their suitability, using the following criteria:

  • Are they a perfect candidate, who will transform their business after investing in your product or service?
  • Will their after state be optimised, when they invest into buying your product or service?
  • Can they quickly recognise the value you bring?
  • Will they recognise the great value proposition you offer and once converted, will they present you with a huge lifetime sales value?
    • because of:
      • Their transaction size
      • Frequency of purchases
      • Upsell or cross sell opportunities
      • Their potential to offer you great referrals to other qualified clients?
    • Are they are easy to reach, resulting in low marketing, advertising and sales time and effort?