Use your SWOT, to understand your sales targets, goals and objectives Copy

Your future sales success, requires you to invest some time to set clear goals and objectives for yourself to achieve.

A quantifiable target, is the best way to ensure that your daily sales activities, result in the outcome you want. Unless you know what you need to achieve, you will be flying blind and will not reach your full potential as a sales professional.

Remember that your annual sales targets are not just a number your sales leader conjures up each year to make your life difficult.

They are carefully calculated income requirements, to ensure that your organisation, remains profitable into the future.

Your leadership considers the following, when allocating each sales professional an annual target.

  • Sales potential in your geographic area
  • The capabilities of the individual in the role
  • The income requirements of the organisation, required to cover fixed costs.
  • Your cost to company

Your sales vision can never be too big

So go wild and have huge dreams and expectations

You won’t know if you can achieve “HUGE SALES TARGETS”, unless you stretch yourself. You have nothing to lose, but so much to “GAIN”.