What content do you need to develop or deploy, to engage your future customers and so that you can start a conversation, with them


As you can imagine, creating original content is always first prize, if you want to be seen as a thought leader and subject matter expert. I know that creating original content may seem daunting and may not feel like the most productive use of your available time.

A solution to this challenge is called an “INTERVIEW BLOG”. To do this effectively you interview your current clients, who are very happy with your product and service.

You conduct the interview as follows:

  • Ask them to share some insights with you about any new trends in their industry or the markets they serve.
  • Ask them to share any success strategies that they have introduced that really worked for them.
  • Ask them for any other commercial insights that may be relevant to your target audience.

This process can either be conducted as an interview, which helps you to create powerful written content or a better option, which will save you loads of time is to record the session and then edit and create a powerful video for distribution.


  • One of the great by-products of interviewing your customers, is that it also helps you to nurture powerful partnerships with them in a non-selling scenario.
  • Your customers may enjoy the content so much that they may also want to share it within their network, thus increasing the reach of your content.
  • The insights that you will glean will also serve you during sales meetings, as it will enhance your sales dialogue too.