What do you need to consider, when designing your Sales Decks?

Building your “Sales Deck”

When building your “Sales Deck” consider the following:

  1. Create and document a powerful storyline (Narrative) about your products
  2. Collect all the available sales resources, content and sales information
    1. Create a central system for storing all your sales data, info and sales resources
    2. The best place for storing your sales content, sales info and sales resources is in the cloud.
    3. Create an effective indexing system, so that it is easy to find and utilise the right sales info or sales content at each stage within your sales process
  3. Customise and visualise your content, in a map, so that it is easy to find and utilise.
    1. This map must be available to all sales professionals as graphic reference, that guides their daily efforts.
  4. Have different delivery methods, (social media, emails campaigns, eZines, presentations, newsletter etc) to ensure that content is easily understood and so that it can be sent on to other decision makers or influencers within your prospects or customers business.

Keep all the above in mind as you develop and deploy your new Sales Decks