What sales content and sales resources, do you need to create to ensure that your existing customers are taken care of?

Instead of waiting for customers to contact you – A multi-channel communication strategy consistently, takes engagement and the conversation to them

Building and employing an effective Multi-channel or digital marketing strategy, for your existing customers takes a lot of “WORK”. The benefits that will accrue to you as a result of utilising this strategy, are well worth the effort involved.

As you invest the time to develop your own multi-channel sales communication strategy, for your existing customers. You will at first feel uncomfortable, as you will be thrust out of your comfort zone, into a completely new paradigm. 

This new paradigm, will force you to do the following:

  • Research your existing customers, so that you can categorise them
  • You will need to decide on, who the different stakeholders are, at each customer, that you will need to engage with, on an ongoing basis
  • Next, you will have to decide on the most appropriate communication methods, to use, to communicate with each category.
  • The success of any multi-channel communication strategy is found in tailoring messages, so that they are both appropriate and relevant for each customer.
    • This requires effort and an intimate knowledge of each customers unique needs and circumstances
  • You will need to decide what the most suitable content is to send to each type of customer. 
  • You will need to create the right type of content, so that it is effective at getting the type and scope of your message across, to all your existing customers

This paradigm shift, needs you to change the way you approach your current sales process completely. 

It will require a lot of additional or different type of “SALES Effort”.

To run an effective MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL COMMUNICATION strategy, you need to:

  • Create tailored content, designed for specific audiences and customer types
  • Utilise this content to show your value to each unique audience
  • You need to track content consumption to support buyer engagement