Additional Ideas to support you to get your emails opened


  • Be Original – One of the key elements of any successful email campaign is originality. This is content that is created specifically to suit the needs or specific situation.
    • Avoid overused expressions, such Industry leading, Market leaders, etc
    • If you feel that you must use a template to save time, then invest time to really customise it.
      • No one want to receive a generic email on a template they have seen before
  • Be Transformational – Learn to speak customer in all your emails.
    • In other words, focus the message on your future customer and how they will transform their business, once they build a partnership with you and start using your product or service.
    • When you write the copy for your email campaign, constantly ask the “SO WHAT” question to test to see that you are feature dumping.
      • Write all email copy with your future customer in mind
      • Consistently look for what is in it for them
  • Be generous – Give something away that will support your future customer in some positive way.
    • This could be an e-zine, eBook or a free sample that will allow them to test your product that gives them useful information
  • Be clear – When writing copy avoid using unnecessary jargon or very complicated technical terminology.
    • Technical jargon and complicated technical terminology makes your emails boring and tedious to read.
    • Your copy must be short, targeted, customer focused, simple to read and easy to understand.
    • Readers won’t even read past the first line in messages they don’t understand.