All customers buy using their emotions

People Buy with their emotions

Extensive research, which has been conducted, shows that Selling is 80 % about people and only 20 % about the product or service that you sell. This means that if you want to really excel as a sales professional, it is crucial that you become an expert on understanding people, different personality types, their decision making and thinking styles and how to effectively communicate with them.

Of course the product or service, you are trying to sell is the focal point of any sales negotiation.

I met with a sales professional, Rodney a few years back, who sold 50 % of the turnover at the calendar printing company, where he worked. This despite the fact that he was 65, went for 4 hours of dialysis, three days a week and there were 16 other sales people in the organization, also selling the same calendars. 

His secret was simple:

  • He created an unforgettable customer experience
  • He made the buying process as seamless as possible
  • He was always proactive
  • He communicated regularly with all his customers
  • He proved he could be trusted
  • He was friendly and easy to deal with
  • He was helpful
  • He was always available
  • He made sure that he exceeded expectations on every level
  • He formed a partnership with his customers
  • He always asked for referrals
  • He never lost a single customer in over 40 years of selling calendars

What lessons can we all learn from this incredible sales professional? For me the first and most profound lesson is simply this: “Invest more time into creating an unforgettable customer experience and less time into searching for your next customer”. 

It astounds me to see how many sales people spend most of their day looking for new business, while they invest very little or no time, into creating an unforgettable experience for their current customers.