Define your Tribe


Now that you have described, what positive transformation your products offer and you are clear on why your organisation exists.

It is now time to define your perfect customer.

Whether you are working with current or future customers, it is crucial to know, what your perfect customer looks like (Your Tribe).

This is really important for the following reasons

  • It is really obvious in respect to canvassing new business
    • This will ensure that you are focusing your sales efforts on your perfect customers
    • This makes connecting with them far easier, as they will see how both you and your organisation, can offering them a perfect solution
    • It also makes closing sales far easier, as the transformation you and your organisation offer, is exactly what they need.
  • Knowing your Tribe is also important when creating an unforgettable customer experience for your existing customers
    • When you work with the right customers, who need the transformation you offer, they are less likely to move to one of your competitors
    • You will become a specialist within a niche, within your industry, which will allow you and your organisation to shine
    • Customers, will become loyal, as they will appreciate your level of expertise
    • Customers will be far more likely, to provide you with a referral, as they know how you excel in their niche

When selecting your perfect customers, you can either continue to support your current markets and customer base or you can try to identify new markets and customers to serve.

The secret to make this work though, is to ensure that you know why your organisation deserves to exist and you must be crystal clear on what Positive Transformationyour customers can expect, when they work with you.

Things to look for when describing your “TRIBE”

  • Are they geographically well located, so that you can provide the requisite service levels.
  • Do they have a need for what you sell
  • Is the positive transformation, both you and your organisation offer, aligned with their unique needs, values and expectations?
  • Do they appreciate the “Value” both you and your products or services offers and are they prepared to pay a premium for that.
  • Do they meet all the requirements in terms of size, turnover, staff numbers etc, to suite your sales prerequisites?
  • Do you relate to the people and do you enjoy working with them
  • Do they pay their bills on time
  • They don’t complain about small challenges and are willing to work through any challenges that do arise.
  • Are they are prepared to form long term mutually beneficial partnerships with both you and your organisation