Do Sales Professionals, have time for Social Selling?

When sales people first hear about Social Selling, they get very excited by the benefits it offers. They love the fact that it eliminates the need to get past gatekeepers and that future customers may actually contact them, to begin a conversation with them.

They however complain that their day is already packed with sales activity.

How can they possibly find more time for Social Selling?

My answer to this is simple. If you want to survive and most importantly thrive, within this changed digital environment, Social Selling is not a nice to have, it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL.

I believe that there is always time available to slot in more productive ways of doing business.

Dare to explore your current sales day and you will discover waste. As I stated previously, all you need is 30 – 60 minutes each day to run an effective Multi-Channel or Digital Selling strategy.


Find the time today, to start building your Social selling pipeline.

Remember that social selling will not deliver results immediately, be patient. There will be a lag between when you implement your strategy and when the benefits will begin to flow to you.

Remain persistent and keep doing social selling daily and I guarantee you that you will be amazed by how many new opportunities will come your way, a year from now, once you do this consistently.