Explore current products and services

Imagine if Blockbusters video, had focused on their customer’s needs, instead of focusing on the products they had to sell to them.

They would have realised that people, still wanted to consume movies, as a means to entertain themselves. They just did not want to have to go through the hassle of going to a store to collect and drop them off. They could have been Netflix.

Instead they were so attached to the products and method of delivering those products to their customers, that they missed a golden opportunity to change their deliver method from stores, to an online digital one.


Please don’t make the same mistake as Blockbusters video, where you are, so focused on what you currently sell and how you deliver this, to your markets, that you miss out on new opportunities, that may be staring you in the face right now.

Explore your current product and service. Are they adequate to meet the changing needs of your industry, markets and the customers you serve?