Explore your Tribe Copy

Your “MAGNIFICENT 50” future customers must obviously, be part of your “TRIBE“. Let us revisit your “TRIBE” once again

Are you completely comfortable that you have identified all the criteria, necessary to identify your “TRIBE“?

If you are not completely convinced that you have done enough to describe your “TRIBE“. Please revisit this right now.

Becoming crystal clear about, who your “TRIBE” is, must be one of the most crucial first steps, when deploying any Multi-Channel Sales Engagement Strategy.

Things to look for when describing your “TRIBE”

  • They must be geographically well located, so that you can provide the requisite service levels.
  • They must have a need for what you sell
  • Be certain that the positive transformation you offer, is aligned with their unique needs, values and expectations
  • They must be in a position to appreciate the “Value” both you and your product offers and are prepared to pay a premium for that.
  • They must meet all the requirements in terms of size, turnover, staff numbers etc
  • You can relate to the people and you enjoy working with them 
  • They always pay their bills on time
  • They don’t complain about small challenges and are willing to work through any challenges that do arise. 
  • They are prepared to form long term mutually beneficial partnerships with both you and your organisation