How are you going to deploy the sales content, sales resources and sales support, to accelerate the velocity of deals through your sales pipeline?

As we have discussed perviously, the way we sell and approach our markets and customers has changed over the past few years.

We need to do the following to create awareness, engage our customers, accelerate the movement of stalled deals through our sales pipeline:

  • Create effective content that will engage our future customers and highlight, the positive “TRANSFORMATION” they can expect, when they engage us as a supply partner.
  • We need to carefully select the most appropriate media, to connect with and completely engage our future customers.

What media would be most appropriate, when deploying your Sales content, to do the following:

  • Create awareness about your organisation and its products and services
  • Engage your customers, as you move them through each stage in your sales funnel
  • Create content to accelerate stalled deals through your sales pipeline