Implementing your Multichannel communication strategy

You need to ensure that you implement an effective, tailored “MULTICHANNEL COMMUNICATION STRATEGY”, designed to serve your industry, markets and customers. 

When you do this effectively, you will do the following:

  • Existing customers 
    • You will have effective channels of communication available, to ensure that your customers remain engaged and they feel heard.
    • You will have an effective communication system, to support you to provide, incredible levels of sales support and customer service.
    • Even though, it is difficult to engage in face-to-face meetings, we still need to stay connected to our customers and their unique needs, values and expectations
  • Future customers
    • You can gradually build connection and rapport with your future customers, by drip feeding them useful information
    • You can use various communication and engagement methods, to gradually build connection with future customers
    • You can show your future customers how your value proposition, is a perfect solution for the unique needs, values and expectations. 

Always remember that a multi-channel communication strategy, is “UNIQUE” and must be tailored, to ensure that it works in each industry. 

A one size fits all approach, can never work.

The secret to making your multichannel strategy work, is to:

  • Tailor the sales content and the messages, for each customers unique needs, values and expectations
  • All messages must be personalised and relevant to the customer, who receives it
  • We need to create three types of messages 
    • Messages for the C suite, showing them the big picture
    • Messages for middle management, detailing the functional benefits, associated with working with both you and your organisation
    • Messages for the users of your products, detailing best practices and outlining how to get the most from your products and services