Learn to speak “CUSTOMER” Copy

Sales people speak “Sales Person”, which is a process of ineffectively speaking about the features and benefits offered by their products or services. Customers on the other hand speak “CUSTOMER”, which is a conversation around “TRANSFORMATION” or in other words they want to know WIIFM (WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME).

Until sales people learn to translate their feature dump, into transformational talk, there will always be a disconnect between their customers and themselves.


The easiest way to translate “SALES PERSON” into customer is by using the “SO WHAT” tool.

Every time you think of a feature or benefit offered by your product or service, use the “SO WHAT” tool to translate it into “TRANSFORMATIONAL” talk.

In other words, use the “SO WHAT” tool, to clarify exactly how each feature or benefit, will support your future customer to achieve an improved state, when they use it.