Lynchpin Questions Pt 2

Please read through the text below, it will help you to create an understanding around the concept of Lynchpin Questions.

The combination lock, which unlocks incredible sales success, is found when sales professionals learn the art of using lynchpin questions.

OK, so if lynchpin questions are the answer to sales success.

How can I learn to use them?

  • Lynchpin questions are simply a set of pre prepared, recorded, written down, engaging questions, which encourage your customers and prospects to stop and think.
  • These questions encourage your customers or prospects to consider new information or look at the same information differently.

Differentiate yourself

 Lynchpin questions are not basic questions, which your competitors are asking. They are carefully thought out engaging questions, which allow people to see things from your perspective and support you to unlock sales. The best endorsement of a lynchpin question, comes when your customer or prospect says:

Wow, nobody has ever asked me that question before

When you ask a great lynchpin question, you engage your customer or prospect; they are forced to think about things differently, they consider new information and they should respond in terms of you.

When you ask the right Lynchpin questions, closing sales becomes really simple. Your customers and prospects will convince themselves about the value you offer.

What should your Lynchpin Questions Do?

  1. Encourage the customer or prospect to evaluate new information
  2. Help you to qualify and better understand the needs of the customer or prospect.
  3. Uncover ways your value will support them.
  4. Ask questions about company or personal goals
  5. Lynchpin questions separate you from the competition; they never compare you to them.
  6. Lynchpin questions need to be engaging, so that they force the customer or prospect to think before they respond.
  7. Lynchpin questions must encourage a buying atmosphere, not a selling one.