Make your buying process as seamless as possible

Buying Process

Examine your own sales process. How easy is it to do business with your organization? The easier and less complicated it is to do business with you and your organisation, the more money your customers will spend with you. 

If you don’t believe this to be the case then just ask: 
  • Block Busters video, why Netflix has replaced them. – Blockbusters required people to collect videos from their stores, charged late return fees and charged per video rented. Netflix was available in people’s homes on demand for a small monthly premium. 
  • Exclusive books why Amazon has replaced them. Exclusive books required patrons to travel to their bookstore and then they expected them to rummage through cluttered bookshelves to find the book they wanted. Amazon is available on demand in people’s homes; their catalogues and searches make searching for and buying books really simple.