Methods to help you to, identify your Magnificent 50 Copy


The best way I have found to ensure that future customers are a fit for my MAGNIFICENT 50, is to ensure that they satisfy the following criteria.

  • Are they a perfect candidate, who will be able to positively transform their business after investing in your product or service?
  • Can they quickly recognise the value you bring?
  • Will they recognise the great value proposition you offer and once converted, will they present you with a huge lifetime sales value?
    • because of:
      • Their transaction size
      • Frequency of purchases
      • Upsell or cross sell opportunities
      • Their potential to offer you great referrals to other qualified clients?
    • Are they are easy to reach, resulting in low marketing, advertising and sales time and effort?

Remember that it takes as long to prospect, someone, who will never buy from you, as it does to prospect someone, who is a perfect fit and will be far easier to close. It is for this reason that you need to ensure that your prospecting efforts are focused only on your “TRIBE“.

The extra effort you take now to ensure that your MAGNIFICENT prospects are a perfect fit for you and your organisation, will not only save you buckets of wasted time, but will also mean that closing sales will become so much easier.