Moving future customers through your sales funnel Copy


Moving future customers through your sales funnel

When you want to start developing your own sales process or winning sales pipeline. Start by exploring the three crucial stages required, namely, awareness, evaluation and conversion. 

  • Awareness: Before you can acquire a new customer, they first need to become aware of how you can do the following for them:
    • Solve a challenge
    • Provide them with an ideal solution
    • Save them time
    • Reduce their costs
    • Optimise their bottom line 
  • During the Awareness Phase, ask yourself how you can best get your message to your future customer, so that they become aware of how you can “HELP” them.
  • Evaluation: Once your future customers become aware of your organisation and they accept they you have a solution for their organisation, they need to first evaluate all possible solutions – Including your competitors solution. To see which one provides them with the best option.
  • Conversion: Once your future customers have evaluated your product or service, you need to provide them with a powerful reason to buy your product or service.

Action Idea: Explore your own sales process and try to uncover how you can move your future customers from Awareness – Conversion.