Closing – Proficiency – Discover 


The second stage in the closing process requires a sales professional to ask meaningful questions, so that they can “DISCOVER” how their products or services will best serve their customers or prospects, unique needs.

Remember that each of your products or services has a number of features, which will serve each unique prospect and their specific needs, in a different way. 

Knowing as much as possible about your prospects and customers, is as important as knowing everything about your own product or service. When you have as much information as possible about your prospects and customers, you are equipped to explore and “DISCOVER”, how well your product or service will fit their unique needs and requirements. 

In other words you are already in the process of closing the sale or should I rather say, building a long-term sustainable, mutually beneficial sales relationship with the perfect prospect, who needs exactly what you offer, from the moment you identify them as a perfect fit for your value proposition.

Once again, I believe that an example will best describe this concept:


A car sales person, who sees a customer walk into their car dealership, can ask the following open ended “LYNCHPIN” question:

Who would the first person be that you would show this car to, when you drive it out the show room”?

This carefully crafted question is designed to help a sales professional, uncover, which unique features are important to each specific client.

For example if the client answers, “Did you see me arrive on a motorcycle? I would show the car to my mother first, as she is very concerned about my safety”. In this case, although the car does accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in 5 seconds and has 280 Kw of power. These features are not aligned with this unique prospects needs and requirements. In this case you would describe the ABS brakes, air bags etc. as these are aligned with the prospects specific needs and they will serve to keep the prospect safe.

A different client may have completely different set of needs and may answer the question as follows: “The first person I would show the car to, would be my uncle, he drives a Maserati and loves high performance cars”. This time although the car does have amazing safety features, you would explain as much as possible to this prospect about the performance features of the car.

Action idea: The reason you need to “DISCOVER”, which specific features of your product or service, will serve your prospects unique needs, is as follows:

Using open appropriate ended questions (Lynchpin questions) will allow you to uncover, exactly what is important to each unique prospect.

You can then “SHOW” them the right solution, where you highlight the exact benefits they need.

This allows you to effectively communicate how your value proposition will serve them and their unique needs.