Purposes for each Sales Call

What is the purpose for each call?

Create a purpose for every call, so that you can nurture partnerships with your customers

Use parcel perfect and other reports to hold discussions with clients around their current usage and how this can be optimised.

Show clients their usage, weights, destinations, no of shipments POD’s etc.

Meet to ensure that the best operational structure is in place.  

Visit to get to know who the decision makers are, who the influencers are and who the gatekeepers are.

Get to know who uses Globeflightsservices owners, directors, operational users, receptionists, accounts people, etc.

Uncover the needs of each group and develop an optimised plan for each group. 

Visit clients with an open mind and look for innovative ways to show them Globeflightsvalue.

Record all customer needs and requests in Sailboat, so that you will follow through until needs are met or challenges solved

that you have a purpose for the call and will also show your customers that you value their time.

Ask for referrals 

Show clients how to get the most from the online system.

Visit accounts people mid-month and drop off biscuits, muffins or doughnuts, so that you can build great relationships with them. This will help with collections at the end of the month. They will realise that they matter and that you don’t only call them when you want something, namely a cheque or payment. 

Each call and the outcome must be noted in Sailboat. Create an agenda for every call and send same to clients before visit. This will ensure that you have a purpose for the call and will also show your customers that you value their time.

After the meeting send an SMS or WhatsApp message to client, briefly outlining the outcome of the call and the action you will be taking as a result. 

Ensure that you have planned the reason for your next visit and schedule next appointment before you leave the current appointment

Look for innovative ways to integrate into your customers businesses

Examine lost customers and try to reactivate them

Look for cross and upselling opportunities

Get recorded testimonials

Wow your customers, by having a purpose for every call and ensuring that you always find innovative ways to add value to them every time you call. 

Explore area and find one new lead to hand to New Business Development team every day.