SalesPipeline Management


Sales pipeline and sales funnel management

Understanding how to manage the process of moving your future customers through your sales funnel and creating long term mutually beneficial partnerships with them, is crucial if you want to consistently achieve your sales quotas.

Effective sales funnel management allows sales professionals to keep track of potential deals by knowing exactly what stage they are in. Each stage in the sales process requires different actions. It also allows you to evaluate all the deals you do have to see if you have enough of them to meet your sales targets.

Effective sales funnel management

The best way to manage your sales funnel is to understand and to monitor all metrics related to each stage in the sales funnel.

You need to measure the following:

  • How many leads are qualified per month by sales pipeline source
  • Conversion rate from qualification to actual Discovery meetings held
  • The acceptance of value offers and how this converts into sales
  • Conversion rate of proposal into closed deals
  • Size of average deals closed
  • Average sales cycle length
  • Closing ratio (Win Rate)