Show a real Interest in your customers

Collaborative selling is never about the product or service you sell. It is all about showing a meaningful interest in developing a mutually beneficial partnership, with your customers.

If you want to successfully introduce collaborative selling into your organization, you will need to address the following ideas:

  • All efforts must be focused on creating trust. This requires openness and honesty from both you and your customer.
  • Learn to probe effectively, so that you can really dig deep and uncover your customers real needs, values and expectations
  • Make sure that you listen to your customer’s answers, as all partnerships require understanding. Your customers want to feel that you understand their specific challenges.
  • Understand your own value proposition and become an expert at linking the differentiated elements of your value proposition to your customer’s needs, values and expectations.
  • Ensure that you make the customer an integral part of the solution you provide. Even go as far as giving them credit for any solution you created.
  • Explore your customers business and find innovative ways to integrate into their business, so that you become an additional free resource to them.

If you want to thrive as a sales professional, then you need to understand that today’s customers buy differently. There is no urgency for them to buy, as great deals come along every day and new sales people are knocking on their door all the time. Believe it or not PRICE is no longer as much of an issue for buyers. They are looking for partners, who can support them in the long term.