Ways of filling your sales pipeline Copy


Examples of different ways of filling your sales pipeline

  • Magnificent 50 future customers
  • Telephone sales campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
    • Sales emails
    • Marketing emails
  • Sharing free resources
    • Assessments
    • e-Zines
    • eBooks
    • Free motivational talks
  • Webinars
  • Multi-channel communication strategy
    • Content Creation and dissemination
    • Social channels
      • LinkedIn content dissemination through groups
      • LinkedIn content dissemination through the newsfeed
      • LinkedIn advertising
      • Facebook advertising
      • Facebook news feed to spread content
      • Twitter advertising
      • Twitter newsfeed
      • YouTube videos
    • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Generic searches
      • Pay per click
    • Radio advertising
    • Billboard advertising
    • Magazine advertising

I am sure you get the idea. You need as many different ways to fill your sales pipeline as possible. The more effective ways you can come up with the better. Your sales pipeline is effectively all the possible opportunities you have to create partnerships with your future customers.