What is a Multi-channel communication strategy?

An effective MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL COMMUNICATION strategy means that you are leveraging, as many communication, engagement and connection assets as possible, to communicate with your current and future customers.


  • Using Social media to connect with and communicate value to your current and future customers
  • Email – sales and marketing campaigns
  • Digital Content creation – for distribution through all your communication channels
  • Research- to ensure that your messages are tailored to meet each customers unique needs, values and expectations
  • Digital Documents (Blogs, online white papers, online case studies, online brochures etc.)
  • Online Presentations (Webinars)
  • Sales Automation, so that you can ensure that all the right content, goes to the right people, on time, very time.

A Multi-channel communication Strategy, can only be effective if you have “Meaningful Sales Content” to communicate to your future customers

To become really effective with a MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION strategy, it is best to have someone in your organisation, who is engaged in creating really meaningful content, which can be distributed via the various digital channels.

If you do not have someone dedicated to this role in your organisation yet, then you as the sales professional will have to create the content yourself.

Having access to the “RIGHT” engaging content, which showcases your personal and organisational value is a prerequisite for making any “MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION STRATEGY” successful.