Why is Social Selling, so important?

Why is “SOCIAL SELLING” so important?

As you know businesses, are becoming more and more digital dependant. Research shows that decision makers and other stakeholders, involved in making buying decisions, are using digital resources, to self-educate themselves, about the right solution needed, to help them positively transform their businesses.

This change in behaviour on the part of everyone involved in the buying process, means that sales professionals need to have an, effective social presence online.

  • This will give sales professionals access to the social networks, needed to communicate with customers, using a multi-channel communication strategy.
  • It will also, give them a portal for posting and sharing important sales content, sales resources and sales info.
  • The social networks are an excellent portal, for providing relevant information, to all the stakeholders involved in making buying decisions. at our existing customers

When people in the B2B space, need to make a buying decision, it is crucial that you as the potential seller show–up in the digital arena, with relevant information.


Research conducted in 2016, has also shown that when sales professionals provide great information in the digital arena, which is relevant and shows how organisations can transform their businesses’. Buyers engage with them and start conversations that lead to a sale.

  • This research showed that organisations that engaged in creating great digital content, which they distributed via social media channels, showed a 61 % increase in sales revenue.
  • The research also showed that sales professionals, who create great, relevant content that they shared via social channels, as a tool to promote lead development, had a 66% greater chance of achieving their sales targets.