What should your routine support you to do?


As you design your daily routine, remember that 20% of your efforts deliver 80% of your results. Search for an uncover those 20% of your efforts, which will deliver 80% of your results.

When you do this and you find between 30 – 60 minutes, each day to invest, into this crucial endeavour, you will have created a strong foundation, to support you to consistently identify and deploy the right sales content, to support your sales efforts.


  • You need to create or discover relevant content that will support you to spark conversation with all the stakeholders at your Magnificent 50.
    • Creating relevant content is always first prize, as you get to tailor it to meet your specific industry or market’s needs.
    • Bear in mind that creating your own content does however take a lot more time than searching for and discovering relevant content from other sources.
  • You need to consistently engage all stakeholders, using the most appropriate communication channels, to support you to engage them, at every stage, in your sales process.
  • You need to track all interactions with the stakeholders, so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of each multi-channel communication strategy.
  • You need to continually keep engaging all stakeholders, so that they don’t forget you.
    • This is a careful balancing act, as you want to consistently engage your customers and future customers, but you do not want to become an interruption to them.