What Transformation do my products and services offer?

Before developing your Multi-channel Communication strategy, it is crucial that you understand and can effectively, communicate what “Positive Transformation” your customers will enjoy, as a result of working with, both you and your organisation.

The reason for this is obvious. You can never expect to communicate “Value” to your comers, unless you have a crystal clear understanding about, what that “VALUE”, actually is.

The “POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION“, both you and your Organisation delivers, defines one of the most crucial parts, of your “VALUE PROPOSITION

Traditionally we suggested that you approach your markets by first examining your products and or services, and then finding customers, who need just that. This antiquated approach is not customer centric at all, as it only looks at what you have and not what your customers actually need.


It is no longer effective to limit your businesses with only the current products and services you offer. If organisations are to thrive in this new ever-changing world, we need to become far more customer centric and we need to lose our dependence on our current products and services.

Instead of looking at what you currently have in terms of products and services and then finding potential customers, who need exactly what you have to sell. Organisations that want to thrive, into the future, need to turn their focus towards discovering exactly what your perfect current and future customers needs are, and then developing products and/or services to satisfy these.

Alternately you need to “MODIFY” your current products and/or services, until they are suitable to meet the changing needs of your customers.

As can be seen from the graphic above, you need to make your future customer the focus of your efforts. Start by exploring their current and future needs and think in terms of what positive transformation, you can offer then.

What is Positive Transformation

Positive transformation is the optimised state, your customer can expect to be in, after engaging you and using your products or services